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Volume : 1 Issue : 6, August 2011

Review Article: Drug therapy for hyperlipidaemia (dyslipidaemia)- A review

Sodipo O.A., Abdulrahman F.I., Sandabe U.K., Akinniyi J.A.

Pages: 01-06

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Review Article: Anthocyanins: Antioxidant and/or anti-inflammatory activities

M. G. Miguel

Pages: 07-15

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Review Article: Plants: An alternative source for antimicrobials

Emad M. Abdallah

Pages: 16-20

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Review Article: Recent analytical strategies on "Date-Rape" Drugs and its metabolites

Chanbasha Basheer

Pages: 21-28

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Review Article: Nanodiamond as a drug delivery system: Applications and prospective

Khalid Mohamed El-Say

Pages: 29-39

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Review Article: Concerns regarding the safety and toxicity of medicinal plants - An overview

Philomena George

Pages: 40-44

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Review Article: The role of microbial pullulan, a biopolymer in pharmaceutical approaches: A review

Bishwambhar Mishra , Suneetha Vuppu, Kalyani Rath

Pages: 45-50

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Review Article: Alstonia scholaris R.Br. (Apocynaceae): Phytochemistry and pharmacology: A concise review

Abhijit Dey

Pages: 51-57

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Review Article: A review on biological matrices and analytical methods used for determination of drug of abuse

Nikhil Mali, Manisha Karpe, Vilasrao Kadam

Pages: 58-65

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Review Article: Drug-excipient interaction and its importance in dosage form development

Nishath Fathima, Tirunagari Mamatha, Husna Kanwal Qureshi, Nandagopal Anitha, Jangala Venkateswara Rao

Pages: 66-71

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Research Article: Comparative effect of chronic administration of chloroquine phosphate and methanol extract of Landolphia owariensis on the activities of rat Enzymes

Ilesanmi F F, Balogun E A, Ilesanmi O S

Pages: 72-74

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Research Article: Gallic acid: An anticandidal compound in hydrolysable tannin extracted from the barks of Rhizophora apiculata Blume

Lim Sheh Hong, Darah Ibrahim, Jain Kassim, Suraya Sulaiman

Pages: 75-79

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Research Article: Bioequivalence studies on some selected brands of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride tablets in the Nigerian market with ciproflox® as innovator brand

Osonwa Uduma E., Agboke Ayodeji A., Amadi Rosemary C., Okorie, Ogbonna, Opurum Christian C

Pages: 80-84

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Research Article: Supplementation of vitamins C, E and its combination on paraquat-intoxicated rats: effects on some biochemical and markers of oxidative stress parameters

Akinloye O.A., Adamson I., Ademuyiwa.O, Arowolo T.A

Pages: 85-91

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Research Article: Some socio-demographic features of mood disorders presented by patients attending a northern Nigerian tertiary health institution clinic

Oyeronke M. Aiyelero, Helen O. Kwanashie, Taiwo L. Sheikh, Isa M. Hussaini

Pages: 92-95

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Research Article: First step in the assessment of mechanical properties of pure API: production of tablet with minimum addition of excipient

Naz Hasan Huda, Yeakuty Marzan Jhanker, Riaz Uddin

Pages: 96-98

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Research Article: Evaluation of SEREX defined antigens by mRNA expression analysis in breast cancer tissues of Egyptian patients

Ali Mohamed Ali Eldib

Pages: 99-105

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Research Article: Enteric coated tablets of novel proton pump inhibitor with super disintegrants design, in-vitro evaluation and stability studies

Putta Rajesh Kumar, Hiremath Doddayya, S. Rajendra Reddy

Pages: 106-111

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Research Article: Assessment of cytotoxicity, antibacterial activity and phytochemical screening of ethanol extract of Phyllanthus acidus L. (family: Euphorbiacceae) Bark

Subrata Kumar Biswas, Anusua Chowdhury, Joysree Das, Utpal Kumar Karmakar, Manik Chandra Shill, Sheikh Zahir Raihan

Pages: 112-114

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Research Article: Effect of Epigallocatechin gallate isolated from Terminalia Bellerica fruit rind on glucoamylase activity in vitro

Meshram Gangadhar, Patil Bhavana, Shinde Datta, Metangale Ganesh

Pages: 115-117

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Research Article: Hepatitis in Bangladesh: Pattern and treatment Options

Most. Nazma Parvin, Riaz Uddin, Sadia Afreen Chowdhury

Pages: 118-121

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Research Article: In-vitro interaction of verapamil hydrochloride with magnesium sulphate (anhydrous) and its influence on protein binding of verapamil hydrochloride

Joysree Das, Irfan Newaz Khan, Fouzia Siraji, Syeda Ridita Sharif, Marzina Ajrin

Pages: 122-126

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Research Article: Formulation design of Aceclofenac microcapsules by inotropic gelation technique, characterization studies and release kinetics

A. Ashok Kumar, Putta Rajesh Kumar, A.Anil Kumar, K.Lokeswara Reddy, T.E.G.K.Murthy, T.Venkateswara Rao

Pages: 127-132

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Research Article: Investigation of antibacterial activities of ethanol extracts of Musa paradisiaca Lam

Subrata Kumar Biswas, Anusua Chowdhury, Joysree Das, Sheikh Zahir Raihan, Manik Chandra Shill, Utpal Kumar Karmakar

Pages: 133-135

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Research Article: Formulation design, in vitro evaluation and stability studies on mucoadhesive buccal films of anti-anginal calcium channel blocker

Bharath Kumar.V, Ashok kumar.A, Sudheer.B, Suresh Kumar.K, Srinivasa Rao.V, Kirtinidhi.K, Hitesh R Patel, Putta Rajesh Kumar

Pages: 136-142

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Research Article: Community pharmacy dispensing costs in the state of Penang, Malaysia

Asrul Akmal Shafie, Mohamed Azmi Hassali

Pages: 143-145

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Research Article: Process optimization of efavirenz film coated tablet

K. Bala Krishna, M. Saritha

Pages: 146-149

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Research Article: Vediuppu Chendhuram: Oxide form of salt petre and its in vivo toxicological profile

V. Thanigavelan, V. Lakshmanakumar, V. Kaliyamurthi, G. Victor Rajamanickam

Pages: 150-158

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Research Article: Analytical method development and validation for the simultaneous estimation of pioglitazone and glimepiride in tablet dosage form by multiwavelength spectroscopy

Indrajeet Singhvi, Khushboo Mehta, Nidhi Kapadiya

Pages: 159-161

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Research Article: New Spectrophotometric Methods for Simultaneous Determination of Amlodipine besylate and Lisinopril in Tablet Dosage Forms

Joshi H.V., Patel J.K

Pages: 162-164

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Research Article: Development and validation of RP-HPLC method for determination of content uniformity of rabeprazole sodium in its tablets dosage form

S. Elumalai, Kiran Aher, Girija Bhavar, Sachin Gupta

Pages: 165-170

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Research Article: Synthesis, characterization and use of Poly (N-isopropylacrylamide-co-N-vinylcaprolactam) crosslinked thermoresponsive microspheres for control release of Ciproflaxin hydrochloride drug

B. Mallikarjuna, K. Madhu Sudhana Rao, C.V. Prasad, K.Chowdoji Rao, K.S.V. Krishana Rao, M.C.S. Subha

Pages: 171-177

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Research Article: Formulation and evaluation of orally disintegrating tablet containing tramadol hydrochloride by mass extrusion technique

Mansing G. Patil, Suhas M. Kakade, Sandhya G. Pathade

Pages: 178-181

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Research Article: Evaluation of Antidiarrhoeal activity of extract from roots of Rumex hastatus (Family: Polygonaceae) on experimental animals

Shakuntala, Pushp Bharti, Neetu Sachan, Phool Chandra, Kavita Gahlot

Pages: 182-185

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Retraction: Plagiarism in ‘Evaluation of drug release kinetics from ibuprofen matrix tablets using HPMC' (J App Pharm Sci, 2011; 01 (06): 186-190)

Pages: 186-190

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Research Article: Rapid analytical procedure for Citicoline in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form by UV Spectrophotometer

Neetu Sachan, Phool Chandra, Mayank Yadav, Dilipkumar Pal, Ashoke K Ghosh

Pages: 191-193

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Research Article: Formulation of escitalopram emulsion using a novel bio- emusifier from unriped fruit pulp of Artocarpus heterophyllus

N.V. Satheesh Madhav, Pranshu Tangri

Pages: 194-196

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Research Article: Knowledge of HIV and its transmission by women living with HIV/AIDS (WLWHA) attending HIV clinic in lagos university teaching hospital (Luth), Nigeria

Joda A. E., Bamkefa B.O., Olugbake O. A.

Pages: 197-203

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Research Article: Hepatoprotective potential of Andrographis paniculata aqueous leaf extract on ethanol induced liver toxicity in albino rats

A. Sivaraj, P. Vinothkumar, K. Sathiyaraj, S. Sundaresan, K. Devi, B. Senthilkumar

Pages: 204-208

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Research Article: Ethno-medicinal Species of genus Ficus L. Used to Treat Diabetes in Pakistan

Kiran Yasmin Khan, Mir Ajab Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad, Paras Mazari, Imran Hussain, Barkat Ali, Hina Fazal, Ibtesaam Zaima Khan

Pages: 209-211

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Research Article: Interpenetrating polymer network of cross-linked blend microspheres for controlled release of Acebutolol HCl

P. Ramakrishna, B. Mallikarjuna, A. Chandra Babu, P. Sudhakar, K. Chowdoji Rao, M.C.S. Subha

Pages: 212-219

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Research Article: Changes in daily defined doses (DDD) of antibiotics after restricted use in medical inpatients

B. Jayakar, N.A Aleykutty, Santhosh M Mathews

Pages: 220-222

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Review Article: Hypoglycemic potential of genus Ficus L.: A review of ten years of Plant Based Medicine used to cure Diabetes (2000-2010)

Kiran Yasmin Khan, Mir Ajab Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad, Imran Hussain, Paras Mazari, Hina Fazal, Barkat Ali, Ibtesaam Zaima Khan

Pages: 223-227

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Review Article: Nanoparticle: An overview of preparation and characterization (2000-2010)

Sovan Lal Pal, Utpal Jana, P. K. Manna, G. P. Mohanta, R. Manavalan

Pages: 228-234

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Review Article: A review on herbal antidiabetic drugs (2000-2010)

Rakhi Mishra, Mohd Shuaib, Shravan, Prem Shanker Mishra

Pages: 235-237

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]

Review Article: Obesity being the major health burden needed to be chased: A systemic review (2000-2010)

Gurudev Singh Raina

Pages: 238-245

[Abstract]    [Full Text PDF]


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