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Volume : 1 Issue : 4, June 2011

Review Article: Review : Cardio vascular complication of Diabetes Mellitus

Chintan A. Patel, Nimish L Pathak, Nayana Bhatt, Bhavna Marya, Mahendra Gavania, Hardik Trivedi

Pages: 01-06

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Review Article: Microchip for Drug Delivery System : A Review

Ravindra Pal Singh, Nasit sarju, Anil Sharma, Stuti Gupta Singh, Khunt Sanket

Pages: 07-11

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Review Article: Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Profile of Valsartan: A Review

Nadeem Siddiqui, Asif Husain, Lakshita Chaudhry, M Shamsher Alam, Moloy Mitra, Parminder S. Bhasin

Pages: 12-19

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Review Article: Phytopharmacological Properties of Coriander Sativum as a Potential Medicinal Tree: An Overview

Pathak Nimish L, Kasture Sanjay B, Bhatt Nayna M, Rathod Jaimik D

Pages: 20-25

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Review Article: Potential role of Nutraceuticals In Present Scenerio: A Review

Rahul dev, Sunil kumar, Jagbir singh, Bhupendra chauhan

Pages: 26-28

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Review Article: Swine Flu: An Overview

Priyanka Lokwani, Pramod Kumar, Yozana Upadhyay, Stuti Gupta, Renu Solanki, Nisha Singh

Pages: 29-34

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Review Article: Orally disintegrating tablets : formulation, preparation techniques and evaluation

Priyanka Nagar, Kusum Singh, Iti Chauhan, Madhu Verma, Mohd Yasir, Azad Khan, Rajat Sharma, Nandini Gupta

Pages: 35-45

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Research Article: Suppressive effect of Ginkgo biloba extract (EGb 761) on topsin induced ovarian toxicity and oxidative stress in albino rats

Saber A. Sakr, Hoda A. Mahran, Asmaa M. Abdel-Maksoud

Pages: 46-54

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Research Article: Medication adherence and achievement of glycaemic targets in ambulatory type 2 diabetic patients

S.S. Chua, S.P. Chan

Pages: 55-59

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Research Article: Effect of thyroid stimulating hormone on the ultrastructure of the thyroid gland in the Mexican axolotl during metamorphic climax

Gamal Metwally Badawy

Pages: 60-66

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Research Article: Amelioration of inflammatory responses by Chlorogenic acid via suppression of pro-inflammatory mediators

Prashant Singh Chauhan, Naresh Kumar Satti, Vijay Kumar Sharma, Prabhu Dutt, Krishan Avtar Suri, Sarang Bani

Pages: 67-75

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Research Article: Quantitative analysis of valsartan in tablets formulations by High Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography

Della Grace Thomas Parambi, Molly Mathew, V.Ganesan

Pages: 76-78

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Research Article: Use of plant diversity in household and rituals by tribal people of Dhenkanal district, Odisha, India

Nibedita Mohanty, Prasant Kumar Das, Taranisen Panda

Pages: 79-82

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Research Article: Formulation and evaluation of fast dissolving tablets of Granisetron hydrochloride by vacuum drying technique

Basawaraj S.Patil, N.G.Raghavendra Rao

Pages: 83-88

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Research Article: Evaluation of antioxidant potential of different parts of wild edible plant Passiflora foetida L.

Sasikala. V, Saravana. S., Parimelazhagan. T

Pages: 89-96

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Research Article: A validated stability indicating HPLC method for the determination of Valsartan in tablet dosage forms

Della Grace Thomas Parambi, Molly Mathew, V.Ganesan

Pages: 97-99

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Research Article: Invivo Antidiabetic evaluation of Neem leaf extract in alloxan induced rats

Shravan Kumar Dholi, Ramakrishna Raparla, Santhosh Kumar Mankala, Kannappan Nagappan

Pages: 100-105

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Research Article: Hypoglycemic activity of methanolic extract of Tectona grandis linn. Root in alloxan induced diabetic rats

Pooja, Vipin Sharma, K.C.Samanta

Pages: 106-109

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Research Article: Isolation of Mucilage from Cydonia vulgaris Pers. Seeds and its Evaluation as Superdisintegrant

Nisarg C Patel, Vaishali N Shah, Ashok N Mahajan, Dushyant A Shah

Pages: 110-114

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Research Article: Structure activity relationship studies of synthesised pyrazolone derivatives of imidazole, benzimidazole and benztriazole moiety for anti-inflammatory activity

Julee P. Soni, Dhrubo Jyoti Sen, Kamal M. Modh

Pages: 115-120

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Research Article: Neuropharmacological study of Argemone mexicana Linn.

Sneha Anarthe, Sanjay Chaudhari

Pages: 121-126

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Research Article: Synthesis and Antimicrobial studies of novel Benzimidazole derivatives

Parmender Singh Rathee, Ritu Dhankar, Sunny Bhardwaj, Monika Gupta, Rakesh Kumar

Pages: 127-130

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Research Article: Effect of ginger (Zingiber officinale R.) on metiram-inhibited spermatogenesis and induced apoptosis in albino mice

Saber A. Sakr, Gamal M. Badawy

Pages: 131-136

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Research Article: Preparation and evaluation of calcium silicate based floating microspheres of amoxicillin

M.K.Goyal, S.C.Mehta

Pages: 137-141

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